Tuesday, March 20

Final PhD Defense for Rami Saeed

TITLE: Advancement in thermal energy storage using phase change materials

Introduction to QuickBooks (Desktop Version)

Hands-on introduction to QuickBooks (Desktop Version) for businesses with some or no experience with QuickBooks. Offered by the Small Business and...

Final PhD Defense for Yunxiang Mao

TITLE: Detecting cells and analyzing their behaviors in microscopy images using deep neural networks

Final PhD Defense for Xiaofeng Wang

TITLE: Atomic layer deposition prepared nanostructured materials for catalysis and water treatment

Faculty proposal mentoring

Individual mentoring opportunities for available for faculty who need assistance with their research proposals. Sign up for a 30 minute slot on Tuesday or...

Final PhD Defense for Hiba G. Fareed

TITLE: Incremental Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for PDE Simulation Data: Algorithms and Analysis

Tuesday, March 20