Havener Center

The center of campus, this building features conference rooms and event space, a number of dining options, a student lounge, and the S&T Store. Over 5,000 student, faculty, staff, alumni, donor and corporate events are held here every year.

1346 N. Bishop Ave., Rolla, MO 65401

Upcoming Events

Staff Appreciation Day

Come one, come all! S&T staff members are invited to a circus-themed day full of fun and prizes in appreciation for all you do to make the university a great...

5/29 9am

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Madeline Skora
Madeline Skora left a positive review 4/26/2019


Manvitha Reddy Pandiri
Manvitha Reddy Pandiri posted a photo 4/6/2018

Cynthia Boles
Cynthia Boles posted a photo 3/15/2018

Thomas Donnell
Thomas Donnell left a positive review 3/8/2018

This was a great presentation. I took my son who is 10 and he was very impressed. He told his mom this weekend he is going to attend S&T so he can be on the Mars Rover Team.

Benjamin White
Benjamin White posted a photo 1/23/2018

Benjamin White
Benjamin White posted a photo 1/23/2018

Rairu Vaz Penna
Rairu Vaz Penna left a review 2/18/2017

It was cool, I hope there were more people, but I guess advertising wasnt bad, also the route was confusing and not so well marked, a clear mark should be put in every single turn, even if the other option is highly unlikely, people will get lost if there is any space for doubt, also people are there to run and wondering if you are on the right way is bad.

Geoffrey Cline
Geoffrey Cline left a positive review 3/2/2016

An unexpectedly great turnout! Over 60 students registered, and someone got through to Governor Nixon! A student curator appointment was made in the following few days.

Geoffrey Cline
Geoffrey Cline left a positive review 4/3/2016

A great discussion that I hope continues.

Havener Center
Havener Center posted a photo 2/12/2016