Monday, September 24

Study Abroad Information Session

Attend to learn more about studying abroad and to learn about the application process

Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Nah speaks on Neural Correlates of Flow Experience

Presenter: Dr. Fiona Nah, Professor of Business & Information Technology Flow is an optimal state of experience in which one is completely absorbed and...

First Timers Tour (Sophomores)

Get to know your way around the career fair with a 30 minute tour! 1:30 for Sophomores

First Timers Tour (Freshmen)

See the layout of the career fair and get to know your way around.

MAE Graduate Seminar

The MAE Graduate Seminar Series presents Dr. K. W. Wang - Stephen P. Timoshenko Professor at the University of Michigan. He will present his seminar, "From...

EQ  Student Accelerator-General Info Session

Entrepreneurship training powered by the UM System providing; mentorship, pitch competitions, and an 8-week program for semifinalist (Spring 2019).

Peacemaking After Genocide

The world was shocked when more than 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered by perpetrators over a 100-day period in 1994. The attackers came from the ranks of...

Monday, September 24