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Due to public health concerns related to COVID-19, many university-sponsored events have been canceled until further notice. Many events are held remotely via Zoom. University guidelines require any organizations wanting to hold an in-person meeting or event with more than 10 people to complete this form at least two weeks before the event date. For updates regarding S&T and COVID-19, visit


Monday, November 11

Study Abroad Information Session

Stop by and learn all about studying abroad! No matter your major, your interests, or your expectations, whether you are a Chemical, Nuclear, or Computer...

Final PhD Defense for Douglas McGeehan

TITLE: Towards Efficacy and Efficiency in Sparse Delay Tolerant Networks

Psychology Lecture "Neural Correlates of Musical Rhythm in Williams Syndrome"

Presenter: Anna Kasdan, Neuroscience Doctoral Student, Vanderbilt University Summary: Williams Syndrome (WS) is a neurodevelopmental disorder...

Chemistry Seminar on Ultrafast laser spectroscopy By Dr. Chis Elles

Abstract: Photochromic molecular switches are compounds that change color upon optical excitation. The color change is a response to the making, breaking, or...

Monday, November 11