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Friday, November 19

Missouri S&T Men's Soccer vs Opponent TBA

Missouri S&T Women's Soccer vs Opponent TBA

We will be handing out the orders collected from our Annual Cookie Dough fundraiser.

Glass Sale to get gifts before Thanksgiving!

Missouri S&T Women's Volleyball vs (5) Quincy Streaming Video:

Missouri S&T Women's Volleyball vs (5) Quincy Streaming Video:

Vibrational State Specific Rates of HCCCN Formation in Dissociation of CH2CCN Dr. Kirill Prozument, Chemist, Experimental Physical Chemistry, Argonne...

The general body meeting for the Nuclear Science Design Team.

Regular Perfect 10 Improv meetings. Due to future COVID cases and S&T guidelines, these meetings may turn out to be invite only. To get email reminders about...

Scholar / Quiz Bowl Practice

Hangout with AAA for a K-drama watch party! Hang out and have fun :)

Friday, November 19