Monday, May 3

Eco-2-Go Return

The time to return your eco-2-go containers is upon us. There are collection bins located outside the first floor elevators at TJ. If returning to Havener,...

Distinguished Colloquium – Computer Science

Distinguished Colloquium – Computer Science Date: Monday, May 3, 2021 @10:00 am CDT Speaker: Dr. David Corman, NSF (National Science Foundation) Title:...

10am Virtual Event
Final Ph.D. Defense for Kari Catherine Ward, Aerospace Engineering

TITLE: Information-based Methods and Models for Particle Flow Filtering

1pm Virtual Event
Final Ph.D. Defense for Yuchen Yang , Geology & Geophysics

TITLE: Mantle Flow Systems Associated with Slab Subduction and Absolute Plate Motion in Alaska Constrained by Shear Wave Splitting Analyses

1:30pm Virtual Event
Professor Thank you letters - Order of Omega

We will be using a table or two with a couple of chairs where people can write a short note or letter to their favorite professor(s). These can be anonymous...

Final Ph.D. Defense for Shuo Yang, Chemistry


3pm Virtual Event
Chemistry Seminar

Syntheses of Functional Drug Delivery Systems and Activatable Prodrugs for Cancer Therapy Dr. Santimukul Santra, Dept. of Chem., Pittsburg State University

Monday, May 3