Monday, September 13

Computer Science Colloquium

Computer Science Colloquium Monday, September 13, 2021 @ 10 am CST (Passcode: 1234) IoT Security Elisa...

Missouri S&T

Join COER and Himal, the founder of Quinncia, as Himal talks about key aspects of his journey as an international student navigating the US job market. Learn...

12pm Virtual Event
Information Session 2

An information session for students who are interested in joining Phi Sigma Pi and would like to hear more about the organization.

Biology Seminar Series

Laura Musselman of Binghamton University, State University of New York will make a presentation titled "Lipid metabolism and its role in physiology"

3pm Virtual Event
Chemistry Seminar

Explosives education and research opportunities at Missouri S&T Dr. Kwame Awuah-Offei, Interim Director Mining Eng., Professor, Mining & Nuc. Eng., Missouri...

4pm Virtual Event
Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement

Dr. Ernest K. Banks will lead a seminar titled "Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement". Join us in person or on Zoom. The abstract is as follows:...

Perfect 10 Improv Regular Practice

Regular Perfect 10 Improv meetings. Due to future COVID cases and S&T guidelines, these meetings may turn out to be invite only. To get email reminders about...

Weekly Practice

Weekly Practice for Academic Competition

AGC Meeting with Whiting Turner

AGC is meeting with Whiting Turner to discuss their experience with construction work.

Rockets and You

Class to learn the ins and outs of rocketry.

Monday, September 13