Monday, February 14

Final Ph.D. Defense for Lauren Tomanek, Mechanical Engineering

DISSERTATION TITLE: Determining Thermal Properties via Parameter Estimation of a One-Dimensional, Analytical Model

St. Pat’s Grateful Board Tye Dye

Participants will have the opportunity to tye-dye the Grateful Board shirts for this year, or a piece of clothing of their

Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Xiaofei Bai with the National Institutes of Health will make a presentation titled "Modeling Rare Human Diseases in the Nematode Model Caenorhabditis...

Chemistry Seminar

Nitrene Transfer Chemistry Mediated via Transition Metal (M = Cu, Mn, Fe and Co) Coordination Reagents Suraj Sahoo, Graduate Student, Dept. of Chem.,...

Behind the Scenes Career Fair Tour

Join COER the day before career fair at 5 p.m. at the Student Rec Center entrance to see the layout of the fall fair and get to know your way around!

Perfect 10 Improv Regular Practice

Regular Perfect 10 Improv meetings. Due to future COVID cases and S&T guidelines, these meetings may turn out to be invite only. To get email reminders about...

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers General Meeting

General body meeting for SHPE members to discuss and learn about new activities and events.

Missouri S&T Women's Basketball at Lindenwood

Missouri S&T Women's Basketball at Lindenwood Streaming Video: Streaming Audio:...

Ignite Campus Ministry Worship Night

Join Ignite Campus ministry for a short student-led devotional and worship service in the First United Methodist Church Rolla Sanctuary! This will be a time...

AGC Meeting with Traylor Bros., Inc.

AGC will be meeting with Traylor Bros., Inc. to discuss future opportunities in construction as well as their experience.

Miner Baja SAE General Meeting

The Baja team meets weekly to update members on project progression and upcoming events, discuss technical concepts, delegate tasks, and perform design...

XA Large Group

A time where we get together for community, worship, and fellowship.

Missouri S&T Men's Basketball at Lindenwood

Missouri S&T Men's Basketball at Lindenwood Streaming Video: Streaming Audio:...

Monday, February 14