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University COVID-19 guidelines require organizers of indoor, in-person events that exceed 50% of room capacity to complete this form at least two weeks before the event date.


Friday, February 4

Missouri S&T Men's Track and Field at Missouri Southern Invitational

Missouri S&T Women's Track and Field at Missouri Southern Invitational

Learn how to best present your skills, knowledge, and experience in a dynamic and powerful power introduction to ensure you start on the right foot with...

12pm Virtual Event

Every Friday from the beginning of the 2022 Spring Semester until St. Pat's, we will be hosting events designed to get all the students and faculty of this...

First impressions matter. This session will help guide you in crafting a resume that highlights your experiences and accomplishments, as well as discuss how...

3pm Virtual Event

A free improv show performed live in the Blackbox Theatre from 7:00pm - 8:30pm. This show can be viewed live at

Friday, February 4