Monday, April 24

Sexual Assault Awareness Week: 4/24/23 - 4/28/23

Sexual Assault Awareness Week will be held on April 24th - 28th, with multiple events happening every day. The purpose of Sexual Assault Awareness Week is to...

Therapy Dog Days

Are you missing your furry friend back home? Are you having a tough week and need a quick pick-me-up? If so, then you've found the right place. Throughout...

STEP UP! for Sexualized Violence Prevention

Join Student Well-Being on Monday, April 24th for a STEP UP! for Sexualized Violence Prevention presentation! This event is happening during Sexual Assault...

Biological Sciences Seminar

Dr. Avery Russell, Assistant Professor of Biology at Missouri State University will make a presentation titled "Ecological & evolutionary consequences of...

Seminar/Lecture Series

Applications of Artificial Intelligence, CFD Techniques and Advanced Measurement Techniques Towards a Net-Zero Emission Future

Missouri S&T

Seminar - Lecture Series for Spring 2023

Just in Time tutoring @ TJ

Are you taking Engineering Physics I or Calculus II this semester? Are you needing some last-minute exam prep help right before a big test? If you...

Monday, April 24