Centennial Hall

A number of needs-based service departments, including Human Resources and New Student Programs, are based out of this building. It is also home to globally-focused academic departments such as Distance and Continuing Education, Global Learning, Global and Strategic Partnerships, and Sponsored Programs.

300 W. 12th St., Rolla, MO 65409

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Yahong Zheng
Yahong Zheng left a negative review 4/28/2016

Thanks for reminding me to go and for following up after i went. Yes, i went to Centennial Hall 204 at 10 am Friday at the scheduled time and location, only to find a closed door and dark room inside. After asking around, a secretary across the hallway found out from e-connection that the event was cancelled. I wonder the event organizers received similar emails. I don't like the event/calendar system that does not send reminders to event organizer but event goers.

Centennial Hall
Centennial Hall posted a photo 1/27/2016