CCF St. Pats Brisket Grab-N-Go

Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Christian Campus Fellowship House

Brisket Grab-N-Go Protocol

Detailed description

Our Brisket Grab-N-Go will be an event for all students to come to the Christian Campus Fellowship front

lawn to grab free brisket and sides made by CCF. The expectation is for students to grab the free meal

and enjoy it on their walk back home, while practicing safe social distancing. This event will be run by the

Officer Team of CCF and they will adhere to strict Covid and Food Safety guidelines. Food safety Certified

students will be present during the cooking and serving of all food. Students will be required to wear

masks and the officers will be serving meals to everyone with minimal contact. The entirety of the event

will be outdoors to ensure natural ventilation of any airborne particles. All food will be prepared in to-go

boxes to ensure again minimal potential contamination. All sides will be prepackaged food (i.e. Lay’s

Potato Chips.)

Purpose and reason it needs to be in person

This is an annual outreach event held by CCF to give back to the community and campus. Because the

nature of the event, serving food cannot be made into a virtual meeting. Many students from past years

have explained how great of an alternative even this can be. CCF strives to give the students of Missouri

S&T events during O-week and St. Pats that are dry-event alternatives. This event is particularly reaching

to the majority of the student that is not of legal drinking age along with those seeking alternative options

the party scene.

Covid safety guidelines

This event will be modeled after the precautions we took for our 2020 O-week Pumba Grab-N-Go. In that

event, we had all of our officers masked and gloved throughout the entirety of the event. We then set up an

assembly-style grab and go procedure. This entailed our officers preparing the meals in a designated

zone. Then once each meal was prepared they were put in a zone dedicated to serve students quickly and

socially distanced. In order to manage the 400 students at our Pumba, we set up markers that had

students socially distance in a line that utilized the sidewalks of the streets. Students will be encouraged to

eat socially distanced somewhere else and not to congregate on our property or nearby.


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