Chemistry Seminar

Intellectual Property Basics; Patents, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets will be presented by Keith Strassner, Assistant Vice Provost for Technology & Business Development, MS&T

Intellectual property issues are constantly in the news –the Apple vs. Samsung, Alice Corporation vs. CLS, Myriad these legal cases are just a few of those that have had and will have a significant impact on how universities and companies built on technology will conduct business in the future. In the Myriad case, the US Supreme Court ruled that naturally occurring genes and their uses cannot be patented, Alice vs. CLS will set a new standard for patentability of software code and so-called business method patents; think Amazon one-Click® method. In today’s technology based world, it is critical to have a basic understanding of the types of IP, how they are created and protected. This talk will explore patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. In addition, IP policy within the University setting will be described.

Monday, January 28 at 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Schrenk Hall , Monsanto Auditorium


College of Arts, Sciences, and Business, Chemistry


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