Friday, March 5, 2021 at 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Havener Lawn

All events held by the board shall follow our covid guidelines outlined in the Participation Packet on our website . The guidelines are as follows: Temperatures will be taken, and a green campus screen pass is required. Attendees will sign in and write down their temperatures next to their names similar to the workout center. Temperatures at 99 or above will be turned away and told to follow covid protocol and stay home. A facial covering will be required to be worn the entire time, and they must be worn appropriately (covering the mouth AND nose). Anyone who does not follow these guidelines will be removed from the event immediately and may result in a disqualification of points from the event.

The Teams will be sent a time chart for when they should arrive to stagger the arrival of teams. Teams will be told to arrive and stand within a section. St. Pat’s Reps will approach with Temperature checkers and will temp check members once they have been shown a Green Campus Screen. With a confirmed Green Campus Screen and acceptable temperature, the team will be given a QR code which will take them to a google form to fill out with their name, organization, temperature, and a confirmation that all information entered is accurate as well as that the participant will abide by the Guidelines set by The St. Pat’s Board. The QR code sign-in will make the sign-in process more socially distanced than the previous sign in at a table.

The Teams will be considered a family unit and allowed to stand together on the front Havener lawn. The teams will be considered a family unit and not allowed to interact with other family units. Any team seen doing so will be disqualified from the event and asked to leave. If teams break this rule more than once they will be disqualified from all Green Fridays. Teams are required to still wear their masks properly the entire time they attend the Green Friday, even while singing. The Mic will be sanitized between teams.

A drawing will be sent out to all organizations participating each week with labels so each team is aware of where to stand. Areas will be marked with cones and each team will be required to stand 6 ft away from the next team. Teams who will be singing will walk down the path at the center marked by the yellow arrows towards the “stage” once teams have finished singing they will follow the red arrow back to their sections, while the next team walks up the center pathway. If there are more teams than areas the side lawn will be made into sections and those teams will follow their directions on the map. At the end of the Green Friday teams will be advised to disperse in an orderly fashion. Organizations will be dismissed and told to leave in a distanced manner.

Any persons who will participate in the games for Green Fridays will be allowed to stay on the lawn, but we will not allow an audience. Only those participating should attend the games. Teams must communicate prior to the event that they intend to participate in the game that week.


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