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Oklahoma QSO Party

Saturday, March 14 at 9:00am to 8:00pm

Emerson Electric Hall Room G29

Club Contest, all are welcome to join (even without an amateur radio license!)


Oklahoma QSO Party 2020 - March 14 and 15

OKQP Just for the fun of it.

1400 - 0200 UTC on Saturday, 1400 - 2100 UTC Sunday

That would be 9 to 8 on Saturday, and 9 to 4 on Sunday, local Oklahoma time..

If your an Oklahoma station please consider going mobile this year, and help get all 77 counties on in a big way!!

If you operate both Fixed and Mobile, please submit two logs and use two different call signs.

This is a summary please see (Rules 2020 updated soon) for all details. No FT8 is allowed, but will be included when it supports OKQP The 2020 running will continue to allow DXCC to be counted as mults by Oklahoma stations, the 13 Canadian Multipliers that most other QSO Parties are now using are available as mults. If your software does not recognize the mults, just keep track by hand and then add them to the Cabrillo file manually after the contest is over.

If your a mobile please operate below .040 (on CW). Consider signing with a /M, /CTY, or a space and CTY. If your a Oklahoma fixed station please CQ .041 and above and please do NOT sign your call with a /CTY. See the rules for suggested SSB frequencies.


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