All events held by the board shall follow our covid guidelines outlined in the Participation Packet on our website . The guidelines are as follows: Temperatures will be taken, and a green campus screen pass is required. Attendees will sign in and write down their temperatures next to their names similar to the workout center. Temperatures at 99 or above will be turned away and told to follow covid protocol and stay home. A facial covering will be required to be worn the entire time, and they must be worn appropriately (covering the mouth AND nose). Anyone who does not follow these guidelines will be removed from the event immediately and may result in a disqualification of points from the event. Teams will be communicated with prior to this event that they must inform all members of the Rules outlined by The St. Pat’s Board prior to the Snake Pits. Anyone seen breaking the rules set forth by the Covid-19 committee and the Guidelines will be removed from the pits and not allowed to reenter for the day. If the same person breaks the rules a second time they will be banned from Snake Pits all together. If there are three or more people from the same organization caught breaking guidelines the entire organization will be banned from entering the pits. The largest piit which is between Fulton and Toomey will be large enough to have a capacity of 20 people. There will be cones within the Pit’s that denote a six foot area where participants can stand and stay socially distanced from others. No one will be allowed to stand within six feet of one another. Once the maximum number of people is reached in the largest pit the overflow pits will be opened. One Pat’s Rep will be manning each pit, and if an overflow pit is not needed the Pat’s Rep will work the larger Pit. Prior to entry of any of the Pits members must show a Green Campus Screen to the Pat’s representative. Once a Green Campus Screen is verified the Rep will take that person's Temperature and use the Corq app to sign persons in and out of the Snake Pits. The Corq app will assist in contact tracing for the unniversity. Persons in the pits will not be allowed to make contact with each other, so there will be no stealing of walking sticks or shillelaghs. Anyone seen trying to do so will be removed from the pit for the day. The Pat’s Reps working the pits will ensure that all participants wear their masks over their mouth and nose. THERE WILL BE NO ALLOWING OF ANYONE TO TAKE OFF THEIR MASK. Participants will not bite the head off of the snake, instead Pat’s Reps will have scissors to assist in removing the head from the snake. We will only allow one viewer per person in the pit to prevent overcrowding. If it is seen that there are multiple people viewing one person, that person in the pit will be asked to have the extra viewer leave or they must leave the Pits.

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