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Due to public health concerns related to COVID-19, many university-sponsored events have been canceled until further notice. Many events are held remotely via Zoom. University guidelines require any organizations wanting to hold an in-person meeting or event with more than 10 people to complete this form at least two weeks before the event date. For updates regarding S&T and COVID-19, visit


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The university will honor the university’s past, celebrate its present and envision its future in 2020-21, marking a 150-year legacy of discovery, creativity and innovation.

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Batteries in the microgrid/solar houses

A look at how batteries in the microgrid manage and store renewable energy and what that means for the future of Missouri solar houses. Presented by Tom...

9/21 2pm Virtual Event
Building microsatellites for the future

A look at how microsatellites could be used to inspect satellites, do small repairs or refuel spacecraft - and help eliminate the need for risky EVA's...

10/5 2pm Virtual Event
St. Pat’s Panel Discussion: What the “Best Ever” Celebration Has Meant to S&T and Beyond

In this program, the panelists will discuss the university’s St. Pat’s celebration and what it has meant to the campus over the decades. The event will also...

10/14 3pm
Missouri's German heritage

Learn how German-speaking settlers influenced our agriculture, arts, sciences and beer! Presented by Petra Dewitt, assistant professor of history and...

10/19 2pm Virtual Event
Remembering Missouri's most famous generals

Black Jack Pershing led the American Expeditionary Forces to victory in World War I, Omar Bradley led U.S. Army troops in World War II Europe, and Maxwell...

12/8 2pm Virtual Event

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